Title: An empty flat under a Silent Night
Creators: eggbenedict + simplelein
Fanworks involved: fic + art
Rating: Teen and up audiences
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Summary: It’s been 2 years since he last talked to John, and Sherlock decides it’s time to come home. However, it all comes off as a surprise.

Yeah~Sherlock Mini-Bang Project I draw the cover and eggbendict write the ficBest project ever :) {


Title: An empty flat under a Silent Night

Creators: eggbenedict + simplelein

Fanworks involved: fic + art

Rating: Teen and up audiences

Pairing: Sherlock/John

Summary: It’s been 2 years since he last talked to John, and Sherlock decides it’s time to come home. However, it all comes off as a surprise.

Yeah~Sherlock Mini-Bang Project 
I draw the cover and eggbendict write the fic
Best project ever :)

doodle :)

boobenedict said: Hi! We've been paired up in the sherlock mini-bang project :) I'm sure it will be great to work with you!

Hi!I’m very happy to meet you ! My English is not so good so please forgive me if  you can’t understand what I ‘m saying :)


With BBC Sherlock’s Series 3 just around the corner, Let’s Draw Sherlock and Let’s Write Sherlock are teaming up to help the fandom welcome our long-awaited new canon with a bang!

A traditional Big Bang is a fanworks fest where artists and authors are paired up to create multimedia works over a long period of time. Since we only have a few months to go before series 3 airs (*fingers crossed*), we’re going to scale it back a bit. Hence, Mini-Bang! In addition, we’re expanding the concept from just fic + art to include all the different and amazing kinds of fanworks out there.

Here’s how it will work: participants will sign up individually for the challenge and will be paired according to interests (which they will list in their signup). The goal of the challenge will be for each pair to collaborate on a multimedia fanwork for the given challenge. This could consist of a fic with accompanying art, or it could be a collaborative comic, or a fanvid with an accompanying fic, or a cosplay gifset that tells a story, or a puppet show — the options are wide open!

Here is the challenge: One thing we know for certain will happen in series 3 is that Sherlock will return and reveal that he is very much alive. Choose a character (or several, if you like) from the BBC Sherlock series and depict them learning about and reacting to this news. This can include characters who may have known he was alive all along, or characters who have died/left the show. In other words, there is flexibility here to work with nearly any character (or pairing) you wish!

Finished projects can be posted anytime after December 1 up until the day and hour that series 3 first airs anywhere in the world. Projects can be posted anywhere you like; each pair will submit a post to this Tumblr to announce that their project is ready.

October 15-25
: Participant sign-ups via google forms.
October 25-30
: Mods will match up participants.
October 31
: Announcement of participant pairs.
October 31 - November 30
: Pairs work together to complete their projects.
December 1 - Series 3 airs: Begin posting completed projects as they’re finished.

Rules and Details:

  1. This fest is open to any creator of fanworks. This can include, but is definitely not limited to: fic, art, podfic, filk, original music, vids, cosplay, crafting, poetry, fabric arts, gifsets, puppetry, photography, photomanips… and whatever else you can think of!

  2. We will assign you a partner for this project based on the information you submit in your sign-up form. (Link below.) Please give us as much detail as you think is necessary. Part of the challenge and fun is to work with someone new, but we want to match you up with someone whose interests and strengths match and complement yours.

  3. Ideally, each pair will have two participants whose strengths are in different areas, (e.g.  a text-based participant and a media/visual-based participant). Our goal is pair people with strengths in different areas to collaborate on something new and to perhaps create new kinds of collaborative fanworks in the process.

  4. For the purposes of this fest, old works may not be repurposed or remixed. The idea is to create something new!

  5. Projects can be of any rating, pairing, genre, length, or format, as long as they meet the conditions of the challenge. (See our examples page HERE.)

  6. You may include spoilers for series 3 in your project if you wish, but be sure to clearly mark that your work contains spoilers.

  7. Starting December 1, teams can post their projects anywhere they like (AO3, FFN, YouTube, DA, Tumblr, LJ, Ravelry, etc.). Proper credit should be given to both participants, and a link to the SherlockMiniBang Tumblr should be included wherever parts of the project are posted.

  8. One of the participants should create a post and submit it to the SherlockMiniBang Tumblr. Use the template and form provided HERE.

  9. For the purposes of this project, we would like works to be set within the BBC Sherlock universe. (No AUs, please.) However, you may resurrect characters (like Moriarty), bring back characters who have otherwise left the show (Irene Adler), or insert other ACD canon characters who have yet to appear on the show (Sebastian Moran, Victor Trevor, Mary Morstan).  

  10. Projects should be completed before submitting a post to SherlockMiniBang. Incomplete projects or works-in-progress will not be accepted for posting.

Questions? Check our FAQ, and if your question isn’t answered there, please ASK.

Ready to sign up? The sign-up form is HERE.

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(Art by Katzensprotte)

Commission for my friend
Click for full View 

Yes I m still  alive {

Commission for my friend

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Yes I m still  alive

It’s SUMMER! {


Some concept art of my final project

We change the story so these art is not use in our animation and able to show in public


Hey all! For June, Let’s draw Sherlock’s winning challenge is artworks based on songs!

Ends: July 10th!

-Choose ONE song; we’d prefer you not choose multiples, whole albums, fan mixes, or simply parody music groups. Your piece should be inspired by the song; it could, but doesn’t have to, incorporate lyrics. It could be a single image, series of images, short comic based on the plot of the song, anything.

-Any kind of song is acceptable. It could be Beethoven’s 5th, the Doctor Who theme song, Thrift Shop by Macklemore (HEH), Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid, anything.

-You must include a link to the original song somewhere, either an audio version, a music video on youtube, something. If nothing exists online then say so and give enough information for people to find it.

-Duplicates are fine. If yours is in progress and you see that someone has done the same song, we’ll still accept it. However, if you’re just starting, we’d recommend looking through the tag to see what’s been done, and trying to choose something different. In the past challenge we had many many duplicates, and while we’re still willing to accept them, it would help your piece stand out more if you didn’t choose something ten other people have already done.

-Alternative challenge: you could also choose an album cover and convert it to Sherlock, similar to our Famous Works project. Also the same, you should display the original somewhere in the post, either as part of the text body or as a photo set.

-You can include any pairing, any rating, any version of Sherlock. If your artwork is explicit it’d be appreciated if you could put it under a preview or read more. We’re very flexible on content.

-You can submit art (drawn/painted/etc), graphics/photo manips, cosplay, photography, or crafts. Photo manips should alter at least 50% of the original image to qualify (meaning you can’t just paste a face onto a photo). We’re not accepting fan videos for this challenge, since we feel it’s a bit limiting.

-We aren’t critical of quality! Whether you choose to push yourself and make something elaborate, or only have an hour or so and just want to participate, we love everything we get! Also, don’t put your work down in your comments!

-Please create new art! There is already a lot of work based on music, and while we love seeing it, we feel it’s missing the point of the challenge to accept old works.

-Limit of submissions: max 2.


We now have a new affiliate group: Let’s Write Sherlock!!! This is a challenge group exclusively for writers! The challenges will be catered specifically to writers, so you should find them a lot more enjoyable. We at Let’sDraw were having an increasingly difficult time establishing guidelines that comfortably covered both writing and art, so we’re incredibly thankful someone took this up to allow us to focus on visual media. This is a separate group run by a separate team, meaning the challenges will not be the same, but I believe it’s going to be just as much fun! Do feel free to participate in both!



Let’s Draw Sherlock!!

Mucha : Moon and the Stars series.

Cover of new Sherlock fanbook  {

Cover of new Sherlock fanbook